Who we are

Rev Dr Richman Ncube is the minister at HMC.

Rev Ncube is a senior pastor from Zimbabwe, He holds a PhD in Science of Religion and Missiology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, an MA in Theology and Development (Leeds), and an MA in Mission and Evangelism (Manchester).

Rev Robert Roberts is the Superintendent Minister of the West Norfolk Circuit.

“I am delighted and excited to be here with y’all. It’s not just me who’s come to live in the South Wootton manse. There’s my wife, Rev Debbie Caulk, and our little dog family of West Highland Terriers.

I was born in Detroit and have lived in fifteen places before moving here, including four US states, as well
as Yorkshire and Norwich.

I’ve spent 17 years as a minister and before that a little over 30 years in Aerospace Engineering.”

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